Offshore Companies

Offshore company is familiar and effective tool for development of successful business schemes. Offshore business in Dubai has a lot of advantages over similar business zones in other countries. Recently, the pressure on offshore zones has increased all over the world. However, Dubai offshore company is not under high supervision of the International Anti-money Laundering Authorities since the UAE is one of the top countries in the world with low corruption level (according to data of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). A financial statement reporting is not required. Offshore company formation in Dubai or any other Emirate of the UAE will secure your business with perfect reputation and confidentiality.


  • Foreign investors/shareholders are 100% business owners
  • Tax-free
  • No restrictions on external capital movement
  • No basic nominal capital
  • No annual audit report required
  • High level of confidentiality
  • Offshore bank account in the UAE and any other country
  • Ability to buy property in the free economic zones of the UAE being non-resident


Dubai Offshore CompanyHaving offshore company Dubai, you will be allowed to run your business only outside the UAE, however you can buy real estate and stocks of the local companies on your name on the territory of the United Arab Emirates. Offshore Dubai allows you to run any legal business except financial and bank activities.

Please note that offshore company in the UAE doesn't authorize you to get residence visa. If you are interested in getting UAE residency you should consider starting up the company in one of the free zones so that you will get many same benefits as offshore company does with an opportunity to run your business in the UAE plus you and your family are allowed to get resident visas in the country.